Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finishing Salts

In the past year I have enjoyed finishing a dish with flavored salts. They add an enhanced flavor and often a little crunch to the dish.
I have found them in little shops, cooking schools and online. The first 3 salts mentioned were bought in Nice at Girofle & Cannelle. Lydele and I were zipping down the street when I did a double take; a shop of flavored olive oils, salts and sugars, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few and their uses.
1: Fleur de Sel au Safron-to use with risotto, paella, or seafood
2: Sel Toscana Basil-Olives-Tomatoes- to use for vegetables, summer salads, fresh or fried cheese
3: Sel a la Figue-good with duck foie gras, vegetables
4: Murray River Pink Salt-for use as a garnish or finishing salt
5: Salish Smoked Salt- great on salmon, red meat off the BBQ, or creamy pasta
6: Truffle salt- for use on french fries, scrambled eggs, or popcorn

All of this has me thinking that I could make flavored salt in my own kitchen. How about a little dried lavender and salt? On top of chocolate truffles or caramels?

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