Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Caesar Salad on Endive Spears

I felt so bad for the couple over for dinner last night. They both had recent injuries and are each only able to use one arm. So with that in mind I made a risotto for a main course and a salad on endive spears. Dinner was enjoyable and easy for us all.
The reason for this post is that I use endive a lot, for appetizers. They hold a smoked salmon mousse, a variety of fillings and soft cheeses but I had never thought of them for holding salads. Besides a Caesar salad, I got to thinking of stuffing the endive with a Waldorf salad for a ladies tea. Or what about baby shrimp or crab salad in endive for a summer day? Please share any ideas you think of.
Caesar Salad on Endive Spears
Here is a link to the recipe for Caesar salad dressing from a previous post. The Romaine lettuce needs to be torn or cut smaller than would be made generally for a salad. Put the torn Romaine into a salad bowl and top with Caesar dressing, toss and check seasonings. Stuff endive with salad and top with shredded Parmesan cheese and croutons.

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