Wednesday, July 24, 2013

La La Land Part 2

Splashes Bar
 Back on the Pacific Coast Highway and down to Laguna Beach, we arrived at the Surf and Sand Resort. This property is right on the beach and the surf is so loud, the waves crash in with a bang, that drowns out the sound of anything else.
It was unusually warm when we were there and this Southern California hotel has no air conditioning but we were able to sleep with the door open and the fresh air was delightful.
After a long walk on the beach, we headed to Splashes Bar for cocktails and a light dinner. The bar sits just above the ocean surf, it is a spectacular setting and a perfect place for watching the sunset.
gluten free Mesquite Pancakes
Unfortunately, the food and drinks were just mediocre.

The morning breakfast at Splashes restaurant, by the fireplace, proved to have much better food than the bar.
Again, fresh fruit drinks to start the morning, Acai Amazon Berry Blend and Pomegranate Blueberry. It was a nice change to have a gluten free Mesquite flour pancakes with Apricot Coulis. The next morning Bake had a spicy egg burrito with Chorizo and chilies. Also a little plate of seasonal fresh fruit.
A walk into town, checking out the various beaches and peruse the
shops throughout the area, many hours later we stopped for
fresh, seasonal fruit plate
another "green drink".
Back to the Surf and Sand for champagne on our deck and another glorious sunset.

After hearing mixed reviews, we went to 370 Common
for dinner. The restaurant has a Bavarian feel to it, and
the menu changes weekly, based on what is fresh and
available locally.
The meat and cheese board is presented well and changes often.
Bake had a beer to go with the soft pretzels, served with a hot mustard, that was the highlight to him!
champagne on the balcony
He also enjoyed the Kale salad and Pork loin main course.
The drinks were good and I had a sashimi style fish with a soy,
citrus Yuzu vinaigrette .
We were so engaged in conversation that I forgot to take more

The next morning, more walks on the beach, breakfast, and on the road
to LaQuinta.

Verdict: Laguna Beach is nice, but we prefer Cannon Beach, as it is more beautiful, not as crowded and it has better value.

pretzel at 370 Common

370 Common

salad at 370 Common
Breakfast burrito at Surf and Sand

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