Thursday, July 25, 2013

La La Land Part 3

Our last stop on this trip was in La Quinta, nestled in the Old Town area is a restaurant called
Lavender Bistro. We have been here on about 3 occasions and love the ambiance.
Lavender Bistro Patio

The food can be hit or miss but the outdoor, evening setting in the desert is great.
You walk into this patio dotted with trees and lavender potted plants, with twinkling lights and the music is always good. The tables have white tablecloths with lavender napkins and at the edge of the patio, where it is raised up a step, are some private little white cabanas that house larger tables.
On previous occasions we have been here with friends and have enjoyed their company for hours in this delightful setting, but tonight it is just the two of us.
Seafood Curry at Lavender Bistro
We have never had dinner inside the restaurant, for us, the dining experience is all about the outside patio at Lavender Bistro.

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